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Essential Oils Your Heart – Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Fear, Worry?

Heart Chakra Anointing Ritual – Negativity & Low Self-Esteem

Heart Chakra Anointing Ritual – Negativity & Low Self-Esteem

Are you looking for some new and different methods to move yourself from negativity and towards a greater perception of yourself, your life and of life in general?

I’d like to present some simple and wonderful solutions using essential oils, our sense of smell, the healing power of our heart, some simple rituals and the positive power that is within us all to create change and fulfil our hearts’ desires and realise our heart’s most wondrous dreams.

Our heart is one of the most amazing organs with one of the most sensational and magical functions. There is much more to your heart than the beating rhythm it possesses. To find out more about this, you can google Heart Math…there is a lot of interesting information that may well help your pursuit of greater happiness and self-esteem.

Essentially, life is for living and more positive the emotions we have, the more positive our experiences can be. Life can be very challenging and stressful and things happen to us that challenge the status quo and our ability to stay happy, healthy and on track. Life is also often about right and wrong, about rules and targets, as well as facts and figures which all have their place, but I often wonder to myself, what has happened to the magic, the awe and the wonder of life?

I want to return some of that magic and wonder to everyday life by using essential oils together with some simple rituals and ceremonies to bring back some faith and belief, to promote a greater sense of self awareness, self consciousness and presence of time.

Negativity and low self-esteem are hard to deal with but by creating a greater connection and relationship with the heart, we can more easily move towards greater, more empowering and more positive emotions. Its almost like looking at ourselves in the mirror. Ultimately, what and who do you think is looking back at us? It might be you, but it is far more than just the physical appearance of your face and I would argue that it is the complete reflection of your spirit and soul, heart and mind.

When we are stressed, tense, unhappy, sad and depressed our face reflects that as does our posture – shoulders raised and tense, back bent forward, chest lowered almost protecting the heart…but from what? Aren’t we just hiding it? When we are positive, our shoulders are relaxed and lowered, the back is straight and head held high, breathing is deeper and the chest is puffed out…the chest is expanded and heart is facing outwards…you are essentially showing people your heart! What is the reflection like when we look in the mirror in each of these cases and which person would like to see looking back at you??? Somehow, as our heart changes, so does our appearance, so does our psyche, our energy, and the very essence of our being…what would happen if we did more of what our heart desired?

How do we rekindle some of that positive power, positive emotion and good feelings that make us want to stick out our chest and show the world our heart?

If we can stop the internal chatter, the negative ideas and impressions of the self and the world around us, we can start to come into the present moment of stillness and tune into the heart. Essential oils can help us to slow down, come into the present moment, start the process of inviting in more positive emotions, thoughts and feelings. Essential oils also start the connection process by helping us to tap into and focus on the heart, as long as we use the right oils and have the right focused intention. Then all we need is a simple ritual / ceremony as a focus ground to enhance the connection and build the relationship.

Essential oils associated with the Heart or Heart Chakra

Rosemary, Marjoram, Rose, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Melissa, and Neroli

  • Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) – is a heart and cardiac tonic that has a strengthening effect on the organ and the functioning of the system as a whole. It is a strong smelling essential oil that balances the central nervous system, stimulates the mind and awakens the senses. An amazing oil to use to penetrate and break through negativity because of its sharp aroma that acts like a hot knife through butter. It encourages positive emotion and all out action and as an invigorating essential oil promotes positivity and potential. A really positive oil all about positive energy and action.
  • Marjoram (origanum majorana) – is like rosemary, a heart and cardiac tonic that strengthens the organ and the functioning of the entire cardiac system, but where Rosemary raises blood pressure, Marjoram lowers blood pressure by dilating the arteries and enabling blood to flow more freely. It is a warming oil that alleviates aches and pains, settles and fixes the mind, calms the emotions and promotes rest and relaxation.
  • Rose (rosa damascena/otto) – a heart tonic that has an affinity with the heart space and heart chakra….the oil of love, the queen of oils with its feminine qualities of sensuality, love and sex that fill the heart with awe, wonder and magic. This oil lifts the chest, expands the rib cage and fills the heart with joy bringing a warmth to the body, mind and soul. A strong antidepressant that improves moods, lifts spirits, encourages the connection of our earthly selves and our cosmic, universal selves…the spiritual and the scientific. Rose is an oil that has the power to possess the mind through the heart.
  • Lavender (lavendula angustifolia) – an oil that is kind of a cure all that has great affinity with love, self expression, honesty, faith and belief. Lavender calms the mind, lifts the spirits, soothes the soul and as it is inhaled, comforts, calms and quietens negativity. Lavender balances the central nervous system and settles tension and stress, eases digestion, respiration and the hormonal cycles and rhythms. As a heart tonic, Lavender rekindles the love we have for ourselves and others.
  • Ylang Ylang (cananga odorata) – is a strong sedative that has a powerful and pungent aroma that opens the breathing pathways and slows things down. It regulates the beating rhythm of the heart and is particularly useful for sporadic heart beats, heart flutterings and murmurs as well as high blood pressure and a speedy heart rate. Ylang Ylang is also a strong antidepressant and an aphrodisiac that lifts the spirits, heals the heart and refreshes the spirits. An oil firmly associated with the heart chakra.
  • Melissa (melissa officinalis) – “…maketh the heart merry and joyful and strengtheneth the vitall spirits” according the Gerarde. An oil that lowers high blood pressure and has a calming effect on over-rapid beating rhythms of the heart, improves the mood, calms the mind, lifts the heart space and expands the chest. It is a great remedy for shock, anxiety, nervous tension, sadness, and depression. The mental and emotional actions mirror those of the body. Poor posture is countered to positive positive, upright, chest expanded, shoulders relaxed and eyes up on the horizon with a smile on the face. A delightful essential oil! According to an unknown swiss source, Melissa chases away negative thoughts…what a wonderful oil for negative emotions and the healing of the heart!
  • Neroli (citrus aurantium var. amara) – is an extremely hypnotic essential oil that instils a sense of calm, sense of present, sense of self. It is strong aroma with bitterness that creates a sense of intrigue and the hypnotic effect ensures you just want to keep smelling this most amazing aroma. It calms the nerves, removes negativity, promotes psychic abilities and encourages us to dream and intuit our heart and our universal wishes. A floral oil that blends well with Jasmine, Rose, and Lavender to lift the spirits, promote positive potential and action, love, sensuality and revitalise the feel good factor.

So, now that we know a little more about which essential oils correspond to and help the heart, we can now turn our attention to how we can use them on their own and in a simple ritual.

Heart Healing Essential Oil Ritual

To help you to build a connection and relationship with your heart you can use some amazing essential oils and my simple heart healing ritual by clicking on this link and following the instructions

In addition to this, you can also do something simple everyday in the morning to create the right intentions and to start the day off on a positive note.

When you look in the mirror, remember, it’s your heart looking back at you….what would you like to say to your heart and if you listened, what would your heart say to you?

Heart Chakra Anointing Oil Ritual

10ml of Sunflower Oil or Almond Oil + 10 drops of essential oil

2 drops Rose, 2 drops Jasmine, 2 drops Lavender, 2 drops Melissa, 2 drops Ylang Ylang

  • Place a drop of oil on each of your chakras – crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, sacral chakra and base/root chakra. As you place each drop say to yourself, “I honour, love and respect myself.”
  • Rub a small amount on the underside of your nostrils so that when you inhale you inhale the aroma. As you do so, say “I honour, love and respect myself.”
  • Place a drop of oil into each palm of your hand, then rub them together saying “I honour, love and respect myself.”
  • Place your hands together but open in front of your nose and inhale the aroma, saying “I honour, love and respect myself.”
  • As you inhale the aroma, keep your eyes closed and turn your focus to your dreams and wishes, prayers and desires.
  • As you whisper these into the palms of your hands, remember to continue to inhale the aroma when you breath in.
  • Continue this process for about 5 minutes focusing on the aroma and whispering your wishes, dreams, desires and prayers into your hands.
  • When you have finished, take the palms of your hands into a prayer position. Now you are holding your wishes, desires, dreams and prayers in your hands. Bring your prayer held hands down in front of your heart space.
  • Sit (or stand) quietly, breathing deeply, and bring your attention to the aroma in your nose, the air filling your chest and your heart at the centre of it
  • If you could tell your heart one positive thing now, what would that be? What would your heart tell you?

So, in effect, all we need is a few simple things as follows and we’re off and away with these amazing heart healing rituals

  • A quiet place to relax
  • Essential Oils corresponding to the heart
  • A simple ritual/ceremony or two that you can do yourself at home to help the connection to the present moment, the self and finally the heart
  • A focus on our heart and the heart space of our body
  • A bit of belief, trust and faith in the process
  • The desire to repeat ritual everyday or every week – repetition is key here

Please Note

  1. Please check the contraindication (safety data) of the essential oil that you want to use before using it to make sure it is safe for you e.g. rosemary is a great oil but it is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure, epilepsy and during pregnancy. You can do this on my website
  2. The intention of this exercise is not to introduce negativity of any kind which certainly including any destructive changes to anyone, directly or indirectly. If you focus purely on that which is positive and empowering for you as well as everyone else, the idea is to create more positive, empowering and heartfelt experiences for you as well as anyone else in your life.

As an aromatherapist, positive empowerment and intuitive life coach as well as perfumer, I help people to move towards the life they really want to live. Please contact me on 07972 043 922 or to book a consultation or to find out more.

Heart Healing Essential Oil Ritual

Your heart has a beat, a sound, a feeling and a very important function. It is a living organ and as with all living organs or organisms, they are full of information, potential and power; all we need to do to tap into that, is to simply tune in!

In order to tune into our heart and discover its magic, its really important to come into the present moment; turn off the endless chitter chatter that goes on in our minds; forget about our perceptions, thoughts and feelings of the past; forget about our fears and concerns of the future; and find a way to stop the negative internal chatter; it’s rarely correct or helpful! Basically, it’s difficult to just stop thinking about something unless we replace it with something and if we can do that, we start to shift our focus and everything changes. That is where the power of smell comes in!

Here is a wonderfully simple ritual for you to try using your favourite essential oils, a simple breathing technique, and a simple meditation.

  • Pick your favourite essential oil and if you don’t really know what oil that is, perhaps you could start with Bergamot, Lavender, Geranium, or Frankincense and if you are able to purchase them, Rose or Jasmine.
  • Sit in a comfortable position – a chair is perfect – with your spine upright.
  • Place your bottle of essential oil in front of you with the top still on.
  • Close your eyes and take a 3 deep breaths (this helps you to settle and come to the present moment’s activity)
  • Take the top off your bottle of essential oil, bring the bottle to your nose and inhale.
  • Sit and inhale the aroma of the essential oil for about 5 minutes returning the top to the bottle every now and again.
  • After a few minutes, place the essential oil bottle down, and sit quietly, simply focusing on your breathing trying to maintain deep and slow breaths.
  • Still breathing slowly and deeply, bring your attention to your heart space; the centre of your chest.
  • Notice anything that you experience. For example, the sound of your heart, the feeling of its beating rhythm, the rise and fall of your chest and/or the position of your heart.
  • After a few minutes of focusing on your heart, the air coming in and out of your nose, the rising falling of your chest, ask your heart,

What are your deepest, most positive and empowering desires?

Sit and notice any thoughts, feelings, sensations and experiences that come to pass. Often the first things that you notice are the most important ones. Try not to judge, question or present negatives, just acknowledge whatever positive and empowering things that you notice and experience (if you ask a positive and empowering the question, you demand a positive and empowering answer).

  • You can do this for as long as you like, but perhaps spend between 2 and 5 minutes just listening to your heart’s desires.
  • To finish off, take the top off your essential oil bottle and bring the bottle to your nose. Sit quietly and inhale the wonderful aroma for 1 more minute.
  • Return the top to the bottle, take a deep breath, relax and say “Thank You. I Love You.” (aloud or to yourself).

If it helps, perhaps you might now like to write down your heart’s desires. That way you can refer back to them at any point. And now, more importantly, what are you going to do with the positive and empowering messages that you’ve just received? What are you going to create, change, or do differently? How are you going to fulfill your heart’s desires.

Please Note

  1. If it is your favourite oil or one that you really like a lot, good feelings will start to enter your mind, body and spirit and you will find yourself switching off the endless chitter chatter…at least momentarily.
  2. If the aroma from the bottle is too strong for you, then place 3-4 drops of essential oil on a tissue, handkerchief or cotton wool pad.
  3. Please check the contraindication (safety data) of the essential oil that you want to use before using it to make sure it is safe for you e.g. rosemary is a great oil but it is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure, epilepsy and during pregnancy. You can do this on my website
  4. The intention of this exercise is not to introduce negativity of any kind which certainly includes any destructive changes to anyone, directly or indirectly. If you focus purely on that which is positive and empowering for you as well as everyone else, the idea is to create more positive, empowering and heartfelt experiences for you as well as anyone else in your life.

Smell is an amazingly creative sense and by using the right aromas, we can begin the process of transformation from negative perceptions to positive and empowering experiences. The power of smell enables us to return to the present moment, slow down, stop, forget about the external world, including the stress, tension, anxiety, fear and worry that it can easily place upon our spirits. The power of smell is so strong that, if it is used correctly, it can, like the most amazing book, transport us to another place, another realm and a higher place of existence.

Combine the power of aromas with your sense of smell, the positive power of creation and potential that is held within us all, with your heart’s desires and start to create the life that you want to live!

If you would like to find out more about the beating rhythm of the heart, its power and importance, more than just its function as a pump, then look into Heart Math through google.

I practice aromatherapy, massage therapy, and intuitive empowerment life coaching. I run workshops and courses and offer eCourses and eKits teaching people about essential oils, how to use essential oils at home & work, how to make natural perfumes, natural skincare, natural body care and natural bath care products. I also make bespoke, handmade perfumes to order. Please visit my website for more information and contact me on 07972 043 922 or for more information.