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Essential Oils for Dry Skin

How to best care for dry skin?

The best essential oils for dry skin are Benzoin, Chamomile, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Neroli, Palmarosa, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. You can use anyone of these oils on their own or in a blend with vegetable oils or body butters to hydrate, soften and moisturize the skin.

The best vegetable oils to use are avocado, jojoba, and macadamia which you could blend together in equal proportions and then add your essential oils. If you wanted to make something a bit cheaper, you could use 50% “cold pressed” sunflower oil and then add avocado, jojoba and macadamia. Avocado oil tends to be very thick so I would not use this on its but rather blended with the other oils.

Shear butter or cocoa butter are the best butters to use if you’d like to make a body butter and you then add the essential oils. You can also add small quantities of the above vegetable oils to your butter as well.

Why do we have dry skin?

Dry skin occurs when we don’t produce enough natural lubricant called ‘sebum’ and our skin is not properly protected against weather and environmental factors.

What are the solutions? Commercial vs Natural?

The focus of commercial skincare tends to be the use of creams and oil based lubricants that soften the external layers of the skin. These are sometimes natural vegetable oils such as almond, avocado, and jojoba and sometimes not which is fine, but the effects are not long lasting and they don’t solve the long term problems or provide long term solutions. Usually the solution just treats and softens the surface area of the skin but its important to remember that the surface area of the skin has risen from the lower layers and the cells will die quite quickly anyway. All we are effectively doing therefore is softening tissue that will die very soon after.

Isn’t it better then to treat the skin at a deeper level?

Often commercial also contain chemicals such as SLS or Parabens which damage the skin but we don’t notice it because our skin feels soft and smooth. All these chemicals do is strip the surface layer of the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth and damage the layers of skin underneath. That doesn’t sound very healthy to me.

Aromatherapy focuses on using natural oils such as avocado, jojoba and macadamia or butters such as shear butter or cocoa butter and combining them with essential oils which penetrate the layers of the skin (rather than just the surface area) and enter the bloodstream. This creates an immediate and longer lasting effect and the essential oils then also mix with the body’s own chemistry to promote a healthy and glowing skin complexion.

Benefits & Properties of Natural Skincare


Jojoba oil is suitable for all types of skin whether dry, oily or mature because it helps to balance the production of sebum. If sebum is being produced too much we have oily skin and jojoba will help the body to reduce the production. If we have dry skin then the opposite is true and Jojoba oil will encourage the increased production of sebum.



Macadamia Nut Oil


Macadamia nut oil protects against external environmental factors and helps to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. It is a fatty and thick oil that leaves the skin feeling soft.




Avocado is also a thick, fatty and hydrating oil that softens and smoothes the skin giving texture and a glowing complexion. It helps to bring a softness to the skin and like Macadamia nut oil it has a natural protection for the skin against the harmful rays of the sun.



Some essential oils such as Geranium and Ylang Ylang work in a similar way to jojoba and help to balance sebum production. The other essential oils all have skin healing and preserving properties where some are emollients that soften and smooth the skin and others are cytophylactic (encourage skin cell production). All of them are moisturizing and hydrating.

How to make natural skincare products?

A simple solution is as follows –

100ml Body Oil

50ml cold pressed *sunflower oil

30ml macadamia nut oil

10ml avocado oil

10ml jojoba oil

16 drops Geranium essential oil

16 drops Lavender essential oil

8 drops Benzoin essential oil (or **Sandalwood essential oil)


*Sunflower oil must be the cold pressed sunflower oil and not the oil used for cooking

** Sandalwood from India is an endangered tree. It is therefore best to buy the Australian Sandalwood

Would you like to find out more about how to make natural skincare products?

If you would like to find out more about how to make your own natural skincare products using natural ingredients and natural essential oils, then you can come on one of our courses/workshops. Aromatic Therapeutics works with School of Natural Skincare and together we run courses and workshops that teach people how to make their own natural skincare products for personal use or to sell to others. The courses are half day or full day courses and are informal, friendly, fun and informative.

We also offer online courses and we currently have an eCourse available about making natural skincare products for the face. Visit the School of Natural Skincare website or contact us direct for more information on these eCourses. We are also launching 2 new eCourses in October & November of this year – Natural Bodycare and Natural Bath Care – which will enable you to learn about how to make your own skincare products in the comfort of your own home.

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Please feel free to contact me on 07972 043 922 or for any bookings on our workshops or courses, aromatherapy appointments, 1-2-1 coaching sessions about essential oil blending and aromatherapy training. You can follow us on facebook and twitter @AromaticT.

Emotional and Spiritual Health

Essential Oils for Emotional & Spiritual Health

Maintaining positive emotional and spiritual health is a constant challenge with our fluctuating moods, thoughts and feelings. We can easily suffer from stress, tension, anxiety, fear, worry, grief, depression, mourning, and any sense of lack (confidence, belief, faith, and self-awareness). Sometimes things happen to us in life that we find difficult to cope with and our emotional, spiritual and physical health come under strain.

These are all contributing factors to ill-health, injury and disease, and here Aromatherapy has a strong action.

Aromatherapy enhances emotional and spiritual health and happiness through the application of fragrant essential oils and the power of our sense of smell. Essential oils influence our emotional being, lift our spirits, enhance our moods, promote happiness and can either promote rest and relaxation or stimulate focus, concentration, study, memory and keep us going. Going to see an Aromatherapist also offers a safe space to air ones thoughts, feelings and emotions, to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, rest, relax and recuperate and allow the body and mind time and space to settle and rejuvenate.

MassageThe power of massage settles, calms, soothes, and alleviate aches and pains, slows down and deepens the breathing as well as slows the heart rate.

The therapeutic properties that essential oils possess provide varying stimulating or sedating effects on our physical, emotional and psychological selves that help to strengthen, fortify, relax, calm and soothe.

Our sense of smell that is directly linked to our emotions, memory & behaviour!

The combination of massage, fragrant essential oils and our sense of smell promotes holistic health in its truest form!

Our sense of smell is controlled by the limbic system which is the oldest known part of our brain and which also controls emotions, behavior, memory, and motivation. Smell therefore influences the pleasure centre of our brain! Put simply, our nerves send messages to the limbic system when they are stimulated by smell. The brain translates that message and we start to have or create an experience of it or remember one from our past and then we make a judgement about it.

By using smells that we like, Aromatherapy aims to lift our spirits, lighten our mood and promote happiness. When something smells good, we make a positive judgment about it and then start to create happier, more positive thoughts and feelings.

My sessions are all client led, person-centred and holisitc and a good place to come for any or multiple of the following –

  • Stress, tension, anxiety, pressure, fear and worryStress, Tension, Anxiety
  • Lack of self esteem, confidence, self-awareness
  • Sadness, grief, depression, times of change and transition
  • Some time out away from the world for a while for you to recuperate, rest and relax – a time for you
  • Some tips about improving health and happiness and looking for a natural solution to living a healthy, balanced and happy life

Don’t just take my word for it, come and find out for yourself by booking an appointment 07972 043 922 or

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Physical Health

Aromatherapy – Essential Oils – The Power of Smell & Massage


Our physical health has a direct impact on our entire health, happiness and wellbeing whether of mind, body, emotion or spirit. If our body is unwell we find it much harder to rest, relax and sleep, or focus and concentrate and our ability to be happy and healthy is challenged greatly.

Our lives are busy, with vast commitments and responsibilities, pressures and time constraints and the general business of life creates stress and tension.


Essential OilAromatherapy uses natural and fragrant essential oils to promote rest and relaxation, enhance our moods and lift our spirits, develop greater levels of focus and concentration as well as boost general immunity, fight off infections and ease general aches and pains. A wonderful and natural solution to being well and healthy and feeling happy.

Essential oils can be administered through a massage, in a bath, by inhalation (an oil burner, a perfume or room spray), on the skin via creams and ointments, lotions and body butters and they can be used to help with all manner of condition, problem and ailment. They –

  • Promote of calmness, relaxation, rest and sleep
  • Reduce stress, tension, anxiety, fear and worry and promote a sense of self-awareness and confidenceBack and Neck Ache
  • Prevent the onset of illness and injury and boost general immunity
  • Balance circulation, hormones and nerves
  • Alleviate general aches and pains and physical complaints – sprains, strains, athritis, rheumatism, aching joints/muscles, sport relief
  • Soothe, heal and replenish the skin helping to heal wounds, scar tissue, eczema, psoriasis, acne/spots, athletes foot and much more. Theye great for all skin types – dry, mature, oily/greasy, sensitive or combination.
  • Aid the process of recovery from coughs, colds, and flu like symptoms and boost general immunity
  • Ease digestive discomfort – IBS, Cramps, Indigestion
  • Help with the female cycle – PMT, Painful/Sporadic/Heavy Menstruation, and Fertility
  • Ease headaches and migraines

Aromatherapy, whether via massage or other means, offers a fantastic solution for every body, mind and spirit. Want to find out more about how your sense of smell and how massage could help you? Contact me to find out more, book an appointment and come on one of our workshops. 07972 043 922


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