About Us

Aromatic Therapeutics

1Aromatic Therapeutics was set up by Gareth Despres following his studies at the Bristol School of Holistic Therapies in order to promote aromatherapy and massage for individual and collective health and wellbeing.

Personal Therapy

2 Aromatic Therapeutics provides Aromatherapy and Massage using aromatic essential oils to enhance our holistic health and wellbeing.

Online & Offline Courses

3 Aromatic Therapeutics organises and runs workshops, courses and events designed to help you to practice Aromatherapy safely and effectively at home. Our workshops are fun, interactive, informative, relaxed and friendly.

You will always take home lots of valuable information, tips, tools, techniques, and safety data, as well as homemade, personalised products!

Bespoke Products & Personal Fragrances

4How would you like your very own personal fragrance that no-one else will have access to? Aromatic Therapeutics offers a unique & personalised service to help you to design and create personalised fragrances and bespoke aromatic products Just For You! Create your own perfumes, cosmetics and toileteries or develop an entire range with Aromatic Therapeutics using natural, near-to-nature essential oils with natural skincare products!